Case study: Fletchers Solicitors
Software product: piCalculator
Used since: June 2015
Number of licences held: 101-150
Pictured: Adrian Denson, Head of Serious Injury at Fletchers Solicitors


Fletchers Solicitors has been using piCalculator since 2015 with spectacular success. “The impact that this software has had on our operational efficiencies has surprised even us,” explains Head of Serious Injury, Adrian Denson. “ As a specialist law firm, with a reputation for quality and expertise, it was critical that any software we introduced could be integrated seamlessly and quickly be of benefit. piCalculator has done just that.”

Fletcher’s Solicitors hold a large number of licences and their investment in the software has produced impressive results over a very short period of time. The firm maintains the highest standards and is a leader in the fields of serious injury and clinical negligence. The development of top quality lawyers is integral to their success and the firm would not consider using the software if it risked de-skilling the teams. Adrian Denson said “when we tested piCalculator, we were quickly reassured that it is a massive support to lawyers but at the same time does not risk dumbing down the crucial, technical process of producing thoughtful, well-structured schedules backed up by forceful and robust calculations.”

The firm has calculated that they have significantly reduced the time it takes fee-earners to prepare a schedule of loss, sometimes by up to 2/3rds.

How? By formalising the entire schedule drafting process. Whilst preparation of schedules still relies on the skill of the fee earner to identify the relevant heads of loss and gather the necessary information to support them, the entire process is supported by piCalculator which anticipates the heads of loss and also ensures the accurate calculation of interest rates and multipliers.

This time saving achieves a ROI of 600% for the firm.

And the benefits don’t just stop at the time savings made in drafting the initial schedule. It also extends to the time spent updating the schedules when new evidence comes to light, leaving fee-earners head-space to perfect legal arguments and prepare for productive settlement negotiations. “Not only has the software improved the speed at which we handle our cases, it has also improved our settlement outcomes,” said Julia Eyton, senior catastrophic injury fee earner at the firm. “The software automatically generates full explanations for interest rates and multipliers, so the fee earner can see immediately how and why a calculation has been made. This also makes it more difficult for defendants and insurers to dispute the amounts claimed and the approaches taken in the schedule.”

Within a very short space of time Fletchers Solicitors were able to fully integrate piCalculator into their way of working. It’s compulsory for all fee-earners to use piCalculator for production of schedules and it is this that has enabled them to secure such a strong ROI. Through free regular training for new starters, as well as refresher courses and technical ‘trouble shooting’, using piCalculator has become the norm for the firm, and to quote Adrian Denson again, “We wouldn’t be without it!”