piCalculator for defendant law firms & insurers

Right-Size Reserves for Personal Injury Claims

piCalculator empowers insurers to settle complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims faster and more easily—and manage reserves proactively, even when the discount rate changes.

Meeting the challenge of complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims

Settling complex claims quickly and confidently in-house can be challenging for insurers. These large loss claims can involve time-consuming manual calculations for heads of loss before reaching settlement and then often involve outside counselprolonging negotiations and driving up costs.

Changes to the discount rate only exacerbate the issue, with insurers taking their best guess at reserves based on a sampling of claims. But what if you could easily and accurately calculate and recalculate every claim in a day’s time or less? Insurers could not only quickly settle injury claims in-house but also get unprecedented insight into the book of business.

piCalculator does just that, equipping insurers to accurately calculate settlements, right-size their reserves, and maximise profitability.


The powerful software solution handles all calculations in the injury claims process through an intuitive webbased interface. It produces detailed estimates of loss to bring claims to settlement and allows insurers to recalculate every claim when discount rates may change. With piCalculator, there’s no more need for complex, manually produced spreadsheets or the time-consuming guesswork of sampling claims.

Empower claims handlers to settle claims — confidently and quickly

Complex claims can involve prolonged negotiations and often require costly outside legal counsel. But law firms have been using piCalculator to settle claims for years! When claims handlers are equipped with the solution, they can be confident in their calculations and settle more claims in-house without the additional time and cost of external counsel.

  • Shorten settlement negotiations
  • Reduce inaccuracies
  • Gain efficiencies

piCalculator has more than 3,500 users, and


of survey respondents said the solution helps them save time.


Accuracy and efficiency—automation improves injury claim calculations

Calculating heads of loss manually is an inefficient and error-prone process. Working with huge spreadsheets and complex formulas is time-consuming, and sampling methods—a common practice for predicting discount rate changes—are often not representative of an insurer’s actual book of business. But piCalculator accurately performs these calculations in one click, allowing actuaries to see the position on every claim.

  • Recalculate your entire book of claims in minutes
  • Save time, money, and resources calculating reserves for discount rate changes
  • Eliminate sampling error and reduce human error
  • Ditch complex spreadsheets and complicated formulas
  • Free claims handlers to focus on claims, not the calculations

Right-size your reserves and maximise profitability

Companies typically calculate reserves every six months as regulations require. The complexity and time it takes to perform calculations make it prohibitive to do them more frequently. But with piCalculator, the process is quick and simple, allowing insurers to gain immediate visibility into their business.

  • Recalculate settlements quickly
  • Right-size reserves easily
  • Maximise investments and improve profitability downstream

in a recent survey,


of respondents indicated that piCalculator helped them improve profitability.


Gain visibility into your entire book of business

Complex claims account for a significant portion of an insurer’s reserves, but insurers often have limited visibility into claims on their books and how rate changes and other factors affect the distribution of their claims.

piCalculator allows actuaries to explore various scenarios across their entire book of claims so they can react to subtle changes.

  • Run multiple scenarios that could affect your reserves
  • Calculate future multipliers for continuous and periodic losses
  • Calculate contingency rates for loss of earnings
  • Deliver better returns

Easily implement piCalculator

Implementing the solution is simple. It’s cloud-based and easy to use. And we provide all the necessary training and ongoing support to get your users up to speed.

  • Web-based portal requires no internal IT resource
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easier, faster, and less costly than building an internal solution
  • Can integrate with existing case management systems

Catastrophic injury claims can account for

50% to 85%

of an insurer's reserves.