piCalculator for claimant law firms

Improve efficiency and accuracy preparing schedules of loss

Trusted by more than 3,500 users, piCalculator is an industry standard for calculating damages for personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

From initial assessment to a court-ready schedule of loss, the trusted technology of piCalculator can help speed the claims process and bring invaluable insight to claimant and defendant solicitors, barristers, and claims handlers.

Meeting the challenge of complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims

Settling complex claims quickly and confidently can be challenging for all parties. Large loss claims require many time-consuming calculations for damages, and they often involve prolonged negotiations that may delay resolution.

Changes to the discount rate may only complicate matters and bring uncertainty to the settlement process.

But what if you could easily and accurately calculate and recalculate entire schedules at the touch of a button? Solicitors could help claimants settle injury claims more

quickly and help them focus on their next steps towards recovery.

piCalculator allows you to do just that— equipping parties to quickly and accurately calculate damages for personal injury and clinical negligence and helping claimants more quickly realise final settlements.


The powerful software solution handles all calculations in the injury claims process through an intuitive webbased interface. It can produce detailed schedules of loss to bring claims to settlement and allows users to recalculate schedules when key data changes. With piCalculator, there’s no more need for complex, manually produced spreadsheets.

Empower users to settle claims—confidently and quickly

Complex claims can involve prolonged negotiations and often require costly outside legal counsel. But law firms have been using piCalculator to help settle claims for years! When claims handlers are equipped with the solution, they can be confident in their calculations and look to settle more claims in-house without the additional time and cost of external counsel.

  • Shorten settlement negotiations
  • Reduce inaccuracies
  • Gain efficiencies


of survey respondents said the solution helps save them time.


Why use piCalculator

  • It’s easier and better than a spreadsheet
  • A consistent solution brings consistent results across users and claims
  • All data is available to users immediately
  • No internal IT resources are required to develop and maintain the solution
  • The secure cloud-based system requires no dedicated servers
  • It’s ready to go without any need to configure

piCalculator can do things no spreadsheet can!

  • Powerful MI and data analytics are built in
  • Collaboration with internal and external parties is easy
  • The secure environment eliminates any need to e-mail sensitive documents

Easily implement piCalculator

Implementing the solution is simple. It’s cloud-based and easy to use. And we provide all the necessary training and ongoing support to get your users up to speed.

  • Web-based portal requiring no internal IT resources
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easier, faster, and less costly than building an internal solution
  • Integrates with existing case management systems

in a recent survey,


of respondents indicated that piCalculator helped them improve profitability.


Join the satisfied law firms that benefit from piCalculator

Recent survey results show the benefits of piCalculator:

  • 95 percent said they prefer using piCalculator to draft schedules of loss compared to manually drafting them.
  • 100 percent agreed that using piCalculator saves time.
  • 85 percent agreed that piCalculator improves profitability.
  • 100 percent would recommend piCalculator to a colleague.
  • Respondents rated piCalculator training a 9 out of 10.

“piCalculator is an ingenious piece of software. It ensures your calculations are always accurate and—in a world
of proportionate costs, with fixed costs in the future—delivers fantastic efficiencies when scheduling drafting. piCalcuator is an essential for any PI practitioner.”

Jeremy Ford, 9 Gough Square