noiseCalculator harnesses technology with Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims know-how, enabling practitioners to accurately improve settlement outcomes in noise cases.

Schedules of Loss | Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims

noiseCalculator is a web-based software system with a number of features that will change the way you prepare your schedules of loss and value quantum in Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) claims.

Users of the software input audiogram results and the software then calculates if the necessary conditions are present to satisfy a NIHL claim. By analysing the audiogram results in this way, the software removes the need for complex calculations or detailed workings in Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims.


Special Damages Calculator

The software facilitates a more efficient use of time and enables lawyers to quickly build a court-ready schedule of loss which can be added to and amended as a case progresses. Schedules of loss can be customised and saved into your own case management system, ready to be filed at court.

These detailed and accurate calculations improve the client’s recovery of damages, removing ambiguity from the loss without incurring unnecessary and potentially unrecoverable costs.

The cloud based technology is fully encrypted and secure, making it safe and easy to share this workload.

If you are a clinical negligence or personal injury lawyer you may be interested in piCalculator . This is an award-winning software programme that enables you to prepare a schedule of loss in injury claims of any value. Once you’ve entered client information, piCalculator calculates interest and multipliers, removing mathematical errors and saving valuable time.


  • Multiple audiogram analysis, including comparisons
  • Latest methodology used
  • Reduces litigation risk
  • noiseCalculator can be fully integrated into existing case management systems
  • Standardised reporting
  • Transparent results
  • Used by both claimant and defendants