The noiseAssist service is no longer accepting instructions. The noiseAssist system will remain available to existing users for the evaluation of CLB/LCB compliance and assessment of previously completed instructions only.

noiseAssist is an audiometric testing service for use by both claimants and defendants in relation to noise induced hearing loss cases. We operate throughout the UK, providing an appointment booking, testing and results analysis for insurers and claimant law firms.

Our selective panel of audiologists meet strict quality controls in terms of qualification and performance. This ensures delivery of a service that meets the highest industry standards.

Once you’re registered for an account and received your log-in details, the process of engaging with noiseAssist couldn’t be easier.

All tests are supplied with an analysis of the claimant’s audiometry, calculating if the necessary conditions to satisfy a NIHL claim are present, and producing a report compliant with both the CLB and LCB guidelines.

  • Allows you to arrange audiometric testing easily and at low cost with quality audiologist
  • The process ensures non-biased reporting due to 'blind' testing by audiologists, as they don't know whether they are being instructed by the claimant or defendant
  • Strict testing conditions that follow BSA guidelines and are subject to audits and spot-checking to ensure quality compliance
  • Less susceptible to arguments being raised regarding the validity of the audiogram
  • Fixed-fee service