What happens if you put a maths geek who writes software for a living in the same room as a clinical negligence lawyer frustrated with how long it takes to prepare a schedule of loss? If the maths geek is Mark (our Managing Director) and the clinical negligence lawyer is his sister, Rebecca, the answer is Rebmark Legal Solutions.

Mark can’t resist a challenge. In 2007 he started to develop a complete software solution to handle all the maths behind creating a schedule of loss and created the first application in the Rebmark portfolio of legal software – piCalculator.

From little acorns grow mighty oaks…and piCalculator was the catalyst to producing other software solutions that are easy to use and can handle complex mathematical calculations. Rebmark’s portfolio is continually evolving. We work with the very best lawyers, barristers, insurers and industry pros to in order to produce high quality, clear and flexible solutions that can be easily updated.