Consensus is a revolutionary on-line platform for all parties that aids quantum negotiations and facilitates early settlement in personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

Consensus is developed in partnership with the UK’s leading insurance law firm, Clyde & Co.

Consensus works with the claimant creating their schedule using either piCalculator or from within Consensus directly. Once the schedule is complete (or head of loss is completed), it is made available to the defendant along with any additional information and report that are required by the other side to consider the losses.

The objective is for the parties to reach a ‘Consensus’ on each of the heads of loss without needing to resort to expensive litigation. All negotiations that take place within Consensus are done on a without prejudice basis, providing protection to both parties throughout the process. It may be possible to resolve the entire claim without the need for a Joint Settlement Meeting (JSM) or other form of ADR, but even in cases that do progress further, using Consensus will narrow the issues making settlement easier.