News highlights from the claims industry.

The SRA has confirmed its intends to prosecute Coops Ex-Director, Munir Majid, in relation to the transfer of files between Asons and Coops. | Law Gazette |


The High Court has dismissed an appeal against a ruling that hourly rates for clinical negligence case were too high – despite accepting the question of reasonableness was not fully addressed. | Law Gazette |


After having to appeal to the High Court to secure a finding of fundamental dishonesty in a personal injury claim has said the case has shown the industry needed “more support” from judges if they are to challenge fraudulent claims. | Litigation Futures |


News highlights from the Insurance industry.

A new European Directive that replaces the Insurance Mediation Directive is scheduled to take effect from October 2018. | Law Society |


News highlights from the Tech industry.

Facebook have been find £500,000 by the ICO following Cambridge Analytica data scandal. | IT PRO |