On this day…

in 1925 “The Gold Rush” directed, starring and written by Charlie Chaplin was released.


in 1977 Elvis Presley gave the last performance of his career in Indianapolis.


in 1997 “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone” the 1st book of the Harry Potter franchise is published.





Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Sector

A junior solicitor has been struck off after backdating 23 letters to give herself ‘breathing space’. | Law Gazette |


According to a privacy campaign group, millions of tax payers’ voice recordings have been logged and stored by HMRC without their consent. | IT Pro |

Cost Proportionality

The Senior Costs judge in the Mirror Group Litigation has said the proportionality test does not prevent the recovery of costs that are higher than the sums at issue. | Litigation futures |


The taxi-hailing app begins its appeal against the 2017 Transport For London ruling that it failed “fit and proper” test. | IT Pro |


Did you know?

Following the ‘collapse’ of a police officer during training Poncho the dog leapt to action to perform CPR. | Metro |