The Local Governement Association (LGA) has made a two year pay offer for members on National Joint Council (NJC) pay. For calculating gratuitous care, NJC Spinal Point 8 is the applicable rate and will see some significant increases over the next 2 years.

From 1st April 2018, SCP 8 will increase from £15,246 to £16,626 per year (up 9.05%) which would increase the hourly rate from £7.90 to £8.62 and the aggregate rate from £10.38 to £11.32.

In April 2019, SCP 8 and SCP 9 will be merged to form SCP 2 (with the current SCP 6 and SCP 7 becoming SCP 1). The rate for the new SCP 2 will be £9.18  (£17,711 per year – an increase of 6.5%). The aggregate rate will be £12.06.

These rates have been incorporated into piCalculator.